a renting process that works, from beginning to end

We’ve transformed the way people live in London by bringing peace of mind and convenience to every step of the process.

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looking for a new home

the old way

Tons of time wasted skimming through 1000s of rooms of varying quality (to put it mildly), all done without any support.

the lyvly way

View a selection of quality homes through a 360 virtual tour, with the support of an awesome team who’ll guide you through all the available options.


meeting your housemates

the old way

Awkward ‘kitchen interviews’ where (let’s be honest) no one really knows what they’re doing. But hey, at least you get a free beer.

the lyvly way

Tried and tested screening process, optimised to help you find housemates you can get along with.

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time to sign your lease

the old way

Renting with others means knowing that if someone leaves, you’ll have to pay their rent or replace them with the first person willing to move in.

the lyvly way

Our individual leases are personal to you. You’re not responsible for replacing your housemates, Lyvly is. Also, the process is super simple via our member portal.


let's move in!

the old way

If you don’t spend the entire day moving in, you can call it a success. Maybe the previous tenant even made an effort to clean a part of your room!

the lyvly way

The whole move in can be done in one morning. Your room will be ready with all you’ll need, and everything will be professionally cleaned, including the carpets.

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living in a shared home

the old way

Chase everyone to pay their share of the bill, or you have to cover for them (again). Let’s not even start on the bathroom cleaning rota.

the lyvly way

We take care of all the hassle. Your rent covers your bills, cleaning of communal spaces and consumables, making those meetings and rotas a thing of the past.


what if I need help?

the old way

You may end up with a landlord who fixes things for cheap (never really works) or doesn’t really care… at all.

the lyvly way

Not only can you move between Lyvly homes, but you will get the support of an experienced team - including a 24/7 hotline for anything critical.

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nothing compares to this!

“Having our own cleaner once a week and all bills included has taken the stress of living. I have lived in 5 different places in London for over 3 years and nothing compares to this.”


Jamie, Stratford

“I started my flat search on a Monday and had signed the lease by Thursday. Having dealt with London letting agents before, working with Lyvly was a breath of fresh air. I never expected to find a flat in 4 days!”


Peter, Greenwich

“The people I live with are awesome - I'm not sure if this comes from their vetting process or whether I got lucky... I think the former as I meet members not just in my home, but in my building, area and also from across London that are really great.”



“I was surprised by the fact that literally all I needed to bring were my personal items because when you arrive, you’ll have everything from forks, to toilet paper, to cutting boards.”


Carolina, Vauxhall

“Choosing a flat initially was easy since they all have a 3D tour which is 100% accurate, especially handy during the pandemic.”


Oles, Wembley

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