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About Lyvly

Our mission is to create the best shared living community in the world. Shared living to us is rooted in friendship, mutual support and participation beyond the people you share your home with.

Lyvly rent quality homes in London, sorts out your bills (WiFi, utilities, council tax etc.) and include services like regular cleaning and toilet roll top-ups that save you time and housemate squabbles.

We’re made up of members, not tenants, from around the world, who shape our community. They vet who joins Lyvly, create events, host meetups and make the connections.

Quality homes

Designed for the best shared-living experience

Lyvly homes are designed with communal areas to help members connect. Fully kitted kitchens are great for home-cooked dinners, with living rooms set up for movie nights or drinks with friends. If you need a bit of 'me time', there's plenty of room to hide yourself away and chill.

Quality, stylish furniture

Tech-enabled (Smart TV, Netflix and Sonos)

Equipped, high-spec kitchens

Max 2 people per bathroom

Less than 45 mins to Central London

Where our members are from


Share your home, share your life

Lyvly's members come from all over the world — we are exclusive but proudly inclusive. Our group of young professionals is self-curated, which means they select every new member that joins. This means great housemates to share with, an engaged local community and city-wide connections.

The Lyvly Passport

A risk-free way to live in multiple areas across London

Our members can move between Lyvly homes, risk and hassle free with no extra fees. We offer this because we understand that sometimes people need a change of scenery, or with a new job comes a new commute. The Lyvly passport gives you unlimited freedom of movement - no visas, no restrictions, no renewals.

How to rent a room with Lyvly

Let us know some basic details and we'll show you all of our available rooms based on your information. Take a virtual viewing around your home or book an in-person tour with a member from the Lyvly team. If you like what you see, reserve the room to get the wheels in motion and get ready to join the Lyvly community.


Find your home

Choose which one you'd like to live in


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Apply to Lyvly

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Reserve your room

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Move in

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"To me, Lyvly is living made easy. I didn’t have to worry about getting furniture, or setting up and managing bills."


"The first thought when I moved in - I can’t believe I live here. There’s so much to get involved with in the community too!"


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