community agreement

Based on a culture around inclusivity and respect, Lyvly members have built strong relationships within their homes over the past 5 years. We’ve taken this ethos and adapted it into the Community Agreement - and as the newest member, your housemates and Lyvly expect you to respect these to make Lyvly the best experience for you and others in your home. We hope you’re as excited as we are about having you here!

be the best neighbour

Simply put, treat your home and housemates as you’d like to be treated. You’re building a home together, and what’s nicer than waking up on a Saturday morning excited for what you and your housemates could get up to? Now that’s good vibes.
🍺 Some people want those Friday night drinks, but others like to get in bed and watch Netflix shows to unwind. Respect other members' boundaries and interests.
💔 Words can hurt, so consider what you text or say to another member, including our Lyvly Whatsapp groups.
🙅 We have zero tolerance for discriminatory behaviour or language - sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, any other-ism. You know what we’re talking about. There is absolutely no place for this.
🙅 There is a zero-drug policy within the homes, whether that’s in your room or in communal areas. Nothing kills the vibe than your housemate tripping on a Tuesday night (please just don’t 🤦).

open the curtains + doors

Take the first step for your new housemate and welcome them and start building that new relationship from Day 1.

📱 When introduced, get in touch within 24hrs so you don't leave them out in the cold.

🎉 Welcome the new housemate on the big day! A family dinner, a drink, or just a chat. Every little helps.

🤝 Lend a helping hand. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference you can make by just asking 'how are you?', and helping where you can.

🌍 You'll be living with different genders, religion, dietary preferences, football team allegiances. Diversity is at the core of Lyvly, and we do not allocate homes for specific preferences like these.


growth happens together

Our members foster a strong drive for personal growth and sharing experiences. You've come to the right place if you love to learn, experience and explore.

💡 Try to solve things for yourself first - whether that's a dead lightbulb or a housemate disagreement. We can always offer advice, and of course, on hand 24/7 for those emergencies (you don't need to attempt to re-wire the house don’t worry).

🏙 Don't hesitate to try new things! Take part in that bike ride, a little day trip, or a night at the theatres and create London experiences with your housemates. #carpediem

🎁 Give us feedback. We love learning and growing too, and our biggest lessons have been through what members have told us. Help us build a better Lyvly for you.


be a contribution

Be an active member of the home, and be the housemate that you always wanted to live with.
💪 Chip in your fair share, don't be that person. Put in as much as you take, whether that's washing the dishes if someone else cooks, or taking out the rubbish on your week.
🧹 Maintain a nice home environment. Although we provide regular cleaning for you, it doesn't mean you should leave that chicken sandwich under your bed. Please.
🧿 We have built the foundations, but creating the home is truly up to you and the housemates. Have the positive vibes, build a culture within your home, and maintain a lovely living space. Be the Lyvly house everyone is jealous to see.
N.B: If issues arise regarding a housemate or yourself (let’s hope not), we’ll always refer to these codes as our common reference so nothing is out of the blue! Lyvly will call the final shot on whether a code has been breached.