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Diverse members, united by our core values and similar life stages. These are key for a great housemate experience, and our screening process helps to build exactly that.

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the key to a great home experience

From over 1,000 members who have called Lyvly home, we’ve seen that shared values and similar life stages are key in creating a harmonious living environment.


Those who are in similar life stages seek a healthy work/ life balance, which is why age gaps are no more than 7 years.


Sharing core values is fundamental - we screen if a potential member shares these values, so everyone lives in homes with good vibes.

the lyvly values

At the core of every home experience, there are the four key values.

be the best neighbour

Treating your home and housemates the way you’d like to be treated.

open the curtains and doors

Being open to connecting, and asking or giving help where you can.

growth happens together

Spending time together - whether that’s sports or cooking - to create your own home experience.

be a contribution

Chipping in your fair share so everyone plays an active part in the home.

girls talking during the garden partygroup of friends in good mood posing on picture on the streetgroup of friends sitting at the table during the garden party

what's the process?

Get to know your housemates with our member experience team guiding you the whole way.


Complete the application form, and make sure our four core Lyvly values align with yours.


Exchange bios so you and your housemates get to know each other.


Meet your housemates! We’ll put you in touch so you can have a call with them before moving in.

the most incredible social experience!

“Lyvly for me has been the most incredible social experience I've had since being in London.”


Ryan, Vauxhall

“I now have 6-7 solid good friends who I hang out with even though they have busy lives, next year I hope to travel with some of them.”


Jamie, Clapham South

“I’ve met a lot of like-minded and super cool people I can call friends now. Lyvly deffo gets a 10/10 and I can recommend it to everyone, especially to people who are new to London.”


Michaela, Elephant & Castle

“When I arrived in my flat, I was welcomed by young, outgoing and available Lyvly members who welcomed me in the most modern, spacious and well-decorated flat I have ever lived in.”


Carolina, Vauxhall

“Everything is super easy and I've met some really lovely people who I'm sure will be friends for life.”


Paula, Dalston

“ I am really happy with the whole process and the matching was done well because I love my flatmates.”


Maeva, Stratford

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