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Rent your home to Lyvly, a trusted tenant

What our Landlords say about us

"Lyvly pays its rent on time, every single month without fail. I'm so happy to know that my property is in safe hands and is being cared for by a trustworthy tenant"

"My property was handed back in immaculate condition as Lyvly had managed and paid for ongoing regular and professional cleaning services and they had some of the most respectful people living there"

"I love having Lyvly as my tenant. The idea that people are moving to London for the first time and creating fantastic memories in my property is something that I feel incredibly proud of"

Is your property Lyvable?


Includes 2 or more bedrooms; This is important for us so that we can grow our community within our homes.


Located within 25 minutes from main London Zone 1 tube stations; All of our members live busy lives in London and we want them to be well connected, wherever they may need to go.


At least 1 bathroom for every 2 bedrooms; We think that this allows for an easier stay, but we would be happy to assess your property individually.


It's a house or apartment that has been newly built or recently refurbished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Living?

Shared living is similar to a house sharing arrangement. People move in to their own private bedroom and share communal spaces with other members. Our focus is on building a community between members, ensuring that they are able to lead a stress-free and enjoyable life, surrounded by great people.

Who will be staying in my property?

Our members are a group of young professionals aged between 25-35, who pass an interview process to become a member of our London based community. Over 20% of our members work in Financial Services or IT and appreciate the efficient service we are able to offer, saving them valuable spare time. Our members are usually single occupants, looking for like-minded housemates, new experiences, and life long friends. They stay in their property an average of 24 months.

When is my rent going to be paid?

We will pay the rent to you, directly, by the second week of every month

What do we mean by “fully furnished”?

Fully furnished for Lyvly means that the property has good quality beds, sofas and enough tables and chairs for residents to properly enjoy the space.

Is there a difference in price, if my apartment is furnished or unfurnished?

Yes, of course. We furnish homes with everything from beds to baking trays for our members, but we will assess each new property on an individual basis.

Who is Lyvly?

Renting doesn’t need to be stressful. We want to simplify things by renting properties directly from you, the landlords of London. Our team has a long experience in the real estate industry, having collectively managed over 45,000 properties, we’ve now set our sights on changing the rental market for good.

How fast is the process?

We have a dedicated team for on boarding new homes, so get in touch with us right away and we can assess your property and sign a lease within 72 hours!