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make the most rental income

the old way

average rents that are slow to increase and the usual landlord hassle

the lyvly way

Our team finds, vets and signs up young professionals to make your house their home, maximising rental income with dynamic pricing, 3D tours and listings across multiple property platforms. You won’t find that with your standard property manager


never have an empty home again

the old way

Your home can be left empty for weeks at a time

the lyvly way

We fill your property in record time and have industry-leading control of vacancy. Combine this with multiple leases and you’ll never be without income again

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tenants you can trust

the old way

living with the risk of bad tenants who don’t pay or take care of your home

the lyvly way

Extensive background checks with our partners Homeppl, and personally vetting members before signing their lease. Who knew that renting could be this good!

Trusted by Landlord across London!

Renting our flat was seamless and trouble free. The Lyvly team was professional, responsive and very easy to deal with. overall, we're really impressed and would recommend any landlord to work with Lyvly.



I'm a busy owner of several buy-to-let properties that wants to make above market returns without having to worry about tenants or get involved in management. I'm incredibly glad Lyvly found me!



A lovely company to work with. They really look after every home and are very attentive



Lyvly was top notch. From an agent perspective, they are very professional



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