Your community, your city

Lyvly is, at heart, a community. So whether you’re new to the city – or just a particular area – we’ll help create the connections to help you feel right at home.


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No more Saturday nights watching the wallpaper curl

Home is more than a roof over your head. It’s a place to relax, be yourself and feel like you belong.

We create the space to live and make meaningful connections, with people like you. Or people nothing like you - but always people worth spending time with and learning from.

Our Community In Facts

350+ members in London and counting. We’re exclusive, but proudly inclusive. There’s entrepreneurs, bankers, artists and so many more from 40+ countries around the world - all part of the Lyvly family.

Despite the mix of cultures and experiences, London ties us together and our shared values define the community.

Inside our community

Meet the members

They’re people you feel great spending time with. They even choose who moves in - each new addition is vetted by the members.

It’s about more than filling beds, the community leaders know what makes someone Lyvly material, so it makes sense we let them decide on every member.

Explore our events

Our community starts at home with events as simple as three housemates going to brunch. The neighbourhood can get together to welcome someone new or members from all over the city join for an awesome party.

We find thoughtful ways to bring them together, the community gets to decide when and how it happens.


Let us know some basic details and we'll show you all of our available rooms based on your information. Take a virtual viewing around your home or book an in-person tour with a member from the Lyvly team. If you like what you see, reserve the room to get the wheels in motion and get ready to join the Lyvly community.

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Move in

See what our members say

"The first thought when I moved in - I can’t believe I live here. There’s so much to get involved with in the community too!"

Watch Maya's story


"To me, Lyvly is living made easy. I didn’t have to worry about getting furniture, or setting up and managing bills."

Watch Jide's story



What can I expect from becoming a member of the Lyvly community?

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