Your community, your experience

Lyvly is more than a home. Together, we’re building a community of members who want to meet new people, share experiences and lead fulfilling lives.


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The grassroots structure gives everyone a role. From members who vet applications, to those who host, support or attend events and meetups.

We are 400+ in London and counting. Our members come from across the world, which means you could have life-long Londoners and someone brand new to the UK all under the same roof.

The city helps bring this incredible mix of cultures and backgrounds together, but it’s our shared values and member expectations that bond us as a community.


Whether you’re new to the city, or just a particular area – we’ll help build the connections at home and across the city.

This starts with our team finding the right home for you, with other vetted members at similar life stages.

Following this, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with other members just like you, or better still - members nothing like you, in your local area and city.


It starts as soon as you get connected with your new housemates and access to our events platform. From here onwards, your journey is what you make of it.

Within the first month, you’ll get the chance to meet your community at the new members welcome, with plenty more events and experiences happening every week, hosted by other members and community leaders.

Members have so many opportunities to come together and the community gets to decide when and how it happens. If you become a leader, you get to shape future members and your own Lyvly life.


Mini dating go massive in London

George, one of our Elephant and Castle members, recently launched London’s first micro-dating app - Honeypot. With some genius guerilla marketing, it’s started to get some real traction.

Lyvly’s community has really helped him out. A beta version was rolled out and he had a ready made audience of 300 potential users to champion the app and tell him just where to take it next.

Social Cycles

Driven by our Vauxhall Chapter leader Ricardo, members have been travelling all around London on two wheels.

Destinations as far and wide as Richmond Park or Stratford Velodrome, or just hopping on a Boris bike to trundle across the city.

You don’t need to be Chris Hoy, just whack on a helmet and start pedalling.

Squad Ghouls

The Stratford team went all out for Halloween. The apartment looked like a scene from Saw but members from across the city made it to E15.

It’s not every day to get to see Lucifer and The Joker having a boogie together in a house of horrors, but we think it works pretty well.

See what our members say

"The first thought when I moved in - I can’t believe I live here. There’s so much to get involved with in the community too!"


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"To me, Lyvly is living made easy. I didn’t have to worry about getting furniture, or setting up and managing bills."


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