Learning together. Being together. Doing together.

Our Mission

Communities in the 21st century have become fragmented and detached. The ability to create meaningful connections is being lost. Lyvly’s mission is to create a network of engaged members, to facilitate real connections and create a positive impact on each other's lives. It starts in the home and reaches across neighbourhoods and cities.

The concept of community is nothing new, Lyvly’s approach to it is.

Our Community In Facts

We have an international community of more than 300 Lyvly members from 40+ countries stretching across the globe. Together there’s an amazing mix of cultures and experiences positively impacting the lives of others around them.

How we vet our members

Lyvly is a member based community. In order to join and rent a room, everyone submits a membership application. Whilst some of this is used for making connections, we also use this as a fun way to work out who is joining for the right reasons and would be a good fit based on our beliefs and principles. Our membership committee (who are made up existing members and chosen ‘leaders’ within London) look through these answers and are the ultimate decision makers in who joins our community.

What's Going On

From foodie groups to running clubs, gigs at home and wine tastings ‒ Lyvly events are led by our members, not by Lyvly HQ. With such a varied community, there's a chance to create new experiences and bond with other members every week. This includes weekly networking to connect with new members, housemates and friends across the community. Plus monthly events to celebrate everyone new joining.

Our community is a blank canvas for you to share your interests, hobbies or just find someone new to go out with in London.

How to rent a room with Lyvly

Let us know some basic details and we'll show you all of our available rooms based on your information. Take a virtual viewing around your home or book an in-person tour with a member from the Lyvly team. If you like what you see, reserve the room to get the wheels in motion and get ready to join the Lyvly community.


Find your home

Choose which one you'd like to live in


Book a tour

Have a look around and see what it's like


Apply to Lyvly

Introduce yourself to the community


Reserve your room

Secure your new home


Move in

Put your feet up


What can I expect from becoming a member of the Lyvly community?

What is the membership committee?

What kind of community groups or events are there?