Lyvly Life

We believe in:
Learning together. Doing together. Being together.

Share your home with a few. Share your life with a growing community of 300+ in London

Lyvly's community stretches beyond your home. Our version of shared living creates bonds in your area and across the city. Modern London life doesn't encourage new connections, but Lyvly helps you meet people, experience more and make the most of life.

Lyvly Shared Living Structure

Weekly member-led events across London

Lyvly offers the tools for members to make connections. They can create their own events and groups to share their passions and interests with the rest of the community, from wine tasting to wakeboarding.

Each week there are more than enough Lyvly events happening across the city to keep our members busy.

These meet-ups mean more than just a chance to drink Malbec or wear a wetsuit. Members can contribute to a diverse social circle to share knowledge, find support and expand their life experiences.

Meet some of our Membership Committee

Some of our most engaged members are invited to be part of the committee. They play a key role in shaping the direction of the Lyvly community - from vetting all new members to deciding how we spend our money on events. (Yes, we have a piggy bank with money just for members.)


"Cooking, whisky and wine. I'm also usually up for any sort of food at any time of day"


"Exploring London, team sports, hanging out at the pub or just at home on the sofa watching Netflix."


"I am passionate about keeping fit and making a difference in friends' lives. Plus I love a full bodied red wine and a classic home cooked meal."


Moving is stressful. Making connections is hard. We are here to help you every step of the way.

What is Shared Living?

What can I expect from becoming a member of the Lyvly community?

What is the membership committee?

What kind of events does Lyvly hold?