frequently asked questions


What is shared living?

Shared living is our answer to the shortcomings of traditional renting.

We provide quality homes, fill them with great people and take care of many of the things that raise issues in normal house shares.

It’s about bringing like-minded people together in homes, but while allowing the freedom and flexibility of your own private space. We call it shared living because we don’t just share spaces with the people around us, we share our lives.


Who will I be living with?

Lyvly invests a lot of time in understanding our members before offering them a place to live.
Our member relations team takes pride in selecting homes with great people.
We have curated a community of young professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives who are looking to spend time with like-minded people.
There is a committee made up of members and people from HQ who decide on every single new member.
We do not offer rooms to students, people without work or couples and friends looking to share a room.


What is passporting?

If your current home is no longer right for you, but you want to stay with Lyvly, you can move to another one of our homes! Simples.

Am I eligible?
You can passport if you:
✅ Have lived with us for 6 months
✅ Can give 2 months notice
✅ Had significant change in how/where you want to live (like your job has changed locations, or you want to live with fewer/more people)
✅ Haven’t passported in the same calendar year (max once a year)
✅ Are not in rent arrears


Who lives with Lyvly

Lyvly housemates share core values, and are aged 22-36.

Why the age?
People at similar life stages tend to understand each other and needs better, and appreciate the type of lifestyle members are trying to create in their homes.
Someone who wants to party till 4am Tuesday night won’t be the best housemate for someone who is working from home 9-5 everyday.
Why the values?
It’s so important to have a house with good vibes! From the 100’s of members who have called Lyvly home, we’ve seen that there are 4 core values that define member ethos, and people are more likely to get along when this matches.


What's included - utilities

The following utilities are covered in your rent
Council tax
Gas and/or community heating
TV licence for common areas