lyvly's service story: great neighbours serving great neighbours

Our community's getting a revamp for 2020 - we're giving the power to our members to create a bottom up, grassroots community. It means we can create a set of values that determine who we are, as a community and business. You can check them out here. 

They now define the ethos and soul of Lyvly. We are applying these values to every area of the company, including the service we provide. We don't have a traditional tenant/landlord relationship, so it doesn't make sense to treat the members in our homes as tenants. 

What is a service story?

A service story defines how a company should behave to deliver their product to their customers.

It doesn’t just sit with our Community Experience team, but it is the beating heart of our whole organisation.

Why is it important to Lyvly?

Our service story is what makes us Lyvly. We highly value our community, and see our team as an extension of this community.

How people treat each other is important, we want to ensure that we are delivering a consistent and enjoyable experience for all of our members and everyone who works with us.

From our CEO and senior staff to interns and housekeepers, if everybody is living our service story, it sets the behaviour and provides a higher purpose. 

The company has better focus, it can inspire magical moments with our members and Lyvly starts to mean more to them than just a product they consume. 

What is the Lyvly Service story?

When it comes to service, we know that in the past our product has often reflected a very different service experience for our members - and we realised that this wasn’t quite right.

So we have spent a lot of time trying to work out:

  • Who we are?
  • What we stand for?
  • And what is the impact we want to have on our community?

Lyvly's community is made up of chapters, neighbourhoods, and most importantly, communities in London. We are here to provide good homes for great people and help our members have a truly fantastic experience. This is why we see our service delivery as being:


Great Neighbours Serving Great Neighbours.


How will we deliver this and what does it mean for members?

Lyvly is a collaborative community and as a service provider we are here to work with you to solve problems, make connections and give the opportunity of new experiences.

The values we outline below are the pillars on which we plan to build our service story. It's how we want the entire community to treat each other. Like I said before, this is more than a tenant/landlord relationship; we're all part of Lyvly and there's no difference between a new Wembley member and someone at HQ who's been there from the start. 


Service story - Lyvly


  • Warm Welcome 🤗
  • At Lyvly we want everyone to feel welcome from the moment that they join the community. Whether this is arriving at your new home, at an event or when you come into our offices. Smiling and giving a massive hug is how we do things in HQ, and love it when we see members making each other welcome as well.
  • Be Curious 🕵️ Asking questions, looking deeper and taking time to chat means that you can build deep bonds quickly. In our office alone did you know that we have stand up comedian, a pro surfer and a former popstar? Everyone has a story to tell.
  • Listen Actively 👂 Listening and hearing are very different skills. It takes a lot to not interrupt someone when they are taking the time to tell you about themselves or an experience they are having. Take time to listen, and you might find out more than you expected.
  • Own It 😎
  • Blaming others or letting someone else take the fall is really easy. At Lyvly we don't believe in being a bystander. We fail all the time, and it's important to own our mistakes so we can get better - for our team and also our customers. 
  • Be Grateful 🙌 London life can wrap you in a city bubble. You focus too much on yourself, and often forget the small joys that life can bring. At Lyvly we try to remind ourselves to be grateful for the small things, and the small encounters. As a team we remind ourselves to be grateful for what we do everyday and how every problem is an opportunity.
  • Add More Value ➕
  • We believe in adding more in everyday life, to make each day easier or at least add a silver lining to a rainy Tuesday. You can add value in small ways and sometimes just taking a colleague out for lunch after a stressful meeting is a great way to go above and beyond.
  • Meaningful Goodbye 👋 All good things come to an end - cliche, I know. But it is important to mark all endings and close those chapters. Whether it's closing off a problem or saying farewell to a member who has lived with us, saying goodbye at Lyvly is as important as saying hello.





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