lyvly community: our exciting plans for 2020

We’ve switched from a HQ-led to a grassroots community 👨‍👩‍👧‍

Six months ago we had a top down community structure and if we're being honest - it wasn't working. There was no shared sense of responsibility to each other or expectations set to get involved with members or housemates (sighs and references 'start up life').

Basically, our community needed a revamp.

Fast forward to today and we're super excited to say we've been working with old and new members to relaunch Lyvly as a bottom up, grassroots community - with greater purpose, meaning and structure.


A grassroots movement = using self-organization, community members contribute by taking responsibility and action for their community.


Lyvly HQ will work with members in our community to offer the necessary support, tools and community platforms. But we need your help to build our community!


Our community purpose 🌍

When your friends and family ask what the community is about, you can tell them: 

  • We're a community for people who want to live a more fulfilled and connected life together.
  • Lyvly is a place where you can meet new people, make friends, experience more, learn more, get inspired, get support, help others, find meaning and feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Read more about our aim here.

The important part: Our community is run and shaped by our members - from deciding who joins, to hosting welcome events or weekly meetups. It's up to you how you use it and what direction you want to take it.


Our community values 📝

Our values were co-written by some of our most active members and represent the ‘Lyvly way of life’. They provide us the opportunity to determine right and wrong within our community (a.k.a the rules/ expectations). We'll also use these for our own team in HQ: we are one community and we see no place for ‘us and them’.

Lyvly Values (1)


Established community roles - including yours! 👩🎤

Member Role & Expectations

We all have a role to play in building a sense of community. As a member, this starts with being true to our purpose and values. We’ve broken down our values to better set member expectations which can you find below.

Member Values & Expectations 

Some members have taken on leadership roles to turbo-charge the curation of a tight community. They are our Membership Committee and Chapter Leaders.


Membership Committee

Our membership committee are members who vote on all new applications. This is no small task - every day they vote on who they feel would be good future housemates and members of the community. See more about their roles and responsibilities below. Get in contact if you would like to join the crew.

Learn more about the committee.


Chapter Leaders

A few months ago we introduced ‘Neighbourhood Ambassadors’. However, we were unable to give these members the tools and support they needed. Time moves fast and we are now super excited to re-introduce these amazing volunteers under the new name of ‘Chapter Leaders’. 

A ‘Chapter’ is how we describe a catchment zone around a grouping of different Lyvly homes in the same or nearby area across London. The structure allows us to ensure the community is best served.

Chapter Leaders have a set of responsibilities which include putting on monthly events for their areas and the rest of the city. They receive funding from Lyvly to put these on with the idea that they pass back discounts on these events/ activities to you as members.

Find out which Chapter you are in here and who the Chapter Leaders are and their full responsibilities below.

Lyvly's Chapter Leaders


How to get connected 🍻

Connection is a core part of our purpose and we firmly believe this needs to happen at home and across the city. One day we’ll have a fancy app, but for now we’re bootstrapping this with some familiar platforms that do the job well.


  • WhatsApp chats - groups for the whole city and every chapter. Autojoin links will be sent to members emails.
  • Facebook groupFor those who'd rather connect on FB, this is the place for you. 
  • - Create your own event or see what else the community is up to.
  • Eventbrite - We're using this for Chapter-led events that will be ticketed.


  • New member welcome - Once a month, we welcome new members over free drinks... if you're new then it's a must!
  • Chapter events - Monthly activities and events hosted across London.
  • Beers & Ideas - Quarterly member and HQ meetup to hear your ideas and discuss all things Lyvly.


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