Lyvly Life

We are building the world's first shared living community .
Renting in London is stressful. Huge deposits. Letting fees. Utilities companies. Buying furniture. Not to mention the minefield of getting the right flatmates, let alone finding somewhere that feels like home.

Lyvly makes living in London a pleasure. Our members get on with enjoying life and making meaningful connections. Just leave the admin to us.

Curated. Convenient. Connected.
Community, Convenience & Affordability

Curated: We take the pain out of London living - matchmaking you with housemates, in beautiful homes expertly designed for carefree, shared living.

Convenience: The houses and apartments are located across zone 1-3, and our whole experience is designed to benefit both members and landlords. We take care of the bills, furniture, cleaning, maintenance, and, crucially, a never-ending supply of toilet roll.

Urban environments no longer encourage neighbourly relationships. No cups of sugar, no plant watering, no key swapping. We offer shared experiences with a like-minded group from around the world, exploring a new city and creating new bonds.

Meet the team

Philip Laney

Founding Boss

Role @ Lyvly: Strategy, vision, team building and investors.

What brings you joy: Creating wonderful things to make a better world with incredible people.

Place you most love to live: Japan. I love the breadth and variety of the country, the warmth of the people and the depth of culture. Even the most menial task can become an art.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: My incredible wife and two girls, who I am eternally grateful to for their positivity, joy and patience.

Kimberly Hurd

Community Chief

Role @ Lyvly: Building a community, team, product, and service that can change the world.

What brings you joy: A lot. :) Chilli, garlic, lemon, cumin. Exploring constantly (next bucket list trip is Armenia). Obsessed with podcasts, intelligent design, and finding humour in everything.

Place you most love to live: I'm pretty nomadic and don’t like staying put. If I had to pick, I feel most at home anywhere in Mexico or my neighbourhood in West London. Logical, clearly.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: My husband, family, and a group of friends that are so close I don't see the difference between friends and family. Ditto with my dog Hobbes. Technically not a person, but he makes life pretty special.

Alex Gruca

Supply Chief

Role @ Lyvly: Building a portfolio of amazing homes, the teams to find them and process to stay ahead of the competition.

What brings you joy: Cooking for sharing, music, actively discovering stuff (great wines, hidden terraces in London, how things work, business and start-up ideas...), skiing in high altitude on a sunny day, making life better for others.

Place you most love to live: In order: London, New York, Berlin, Bangkok.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: My family and my close friends.

Andrew Snead

Tech Overlord

Role @ Lyvly: All the technical things.

What brings you joy: Taking a moment to breath in fresh air while overlooking somewhere spectacular. And cereal.

Place you most love to live: Tokyo comes very close, but Sydney still takes the cake for me. Big city meets amazing beaches. Throw in some Rugby League and you're set.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: Too many to name. I love all of the people who are close to me, whether they live near or far.

Isobel Bartle-Tubbs

Member Joy Queen

Role @ Lyvly: Member happiness, community experience and everything extra special in between.

What brings you joy: Anything True Crime, but mostly cold beer, pizza and awesome people.

Place you most love to live: As of this summer, I am obsessed with Ibiza, however I would most like to live in New Zealand. I am very happy to be an East Croydon gal right now though.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by epic people, but family inspires and drives me. My parents’ humour, love and support encourages me to work harder. My brother influences me from afar to be the best person I can. They are all pretty cool too - which helps.

Olivia Cooper

Member Gatekeeper

Role @ Lyvly: Member sales and community onboarding & engagement.

What brings you joy: Huge musical fan, enjoy a good book and of course spending time with my friends (new or old)! Being in the countryside, the northerner in me needs greenery - saying that, Yorkshire puddings and wine also bring me tremendous joy!

Place you most love to live: There is so much of the world I haven't seen yet, that I couldn't possibly choose! I'd like to do a stint in so many countries, but my favourite place I've been and would live is Namibia. Desert meets beach, so dreamy!

People or person who makes your life most worth living: Family and friends are everything to me, so I'd have to say all of them. Each of them makes my life worth living in a different way (some in more annoying ways than others), even those that may not be around anymore! - Oh, and my dogs.

Jamie Stiff

Acquisition Admiral

Role @ Lyvly: Sales & Acquisitions.

What brings you joy: The smell of toast with lashings of butter, the sound of rain hitting the window, the feeling of being in doors under a blanket on a snowy day with a fire roaring, the sight of a baby animal, and the taste of a fresh pepperoni Domino's pizza!

Place you most love to live: A cottage in the countryside.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: The Stiff family! My Lyvly family! (Love you guys), and the one I wake up to every morning, she is the reason for my smile everyday!

Dario Favoino

Partnership Preserver

Role @ Lyvly:  Managing new and existing partners, properties and projects.

What brings you joy: Playing memory with my little one, a sincere laugh with friends, snowboarding in the Alps, and carbs!

Place you most love to live: Anywhere in Italy, a beautiful country full of contradictions but with an unrivalled soul.

People or person who makes your life most worth living: My wonderful wife and baby girl, who are simply the best.

Lucy Lovell

The Banker

Role @ Lyvly: Finance and other numbers.

What brings you joy: Festivals, Fizzy Fangs & fun with friends

Place you most love to live: It changes regularly, usually it would be somewhere hot and sunny but I recently visited Amsterdam and absolutely loved it. Great people, great vibe and love how everyone cycles everywhere…sober or not!

People or person who makes your life most worth living: Couldn't possibly choose one! My family is massive and we still go on holiday together every summer, 94-year-old granny included! Absolutely love my group of friends too and life would be incredibly boring without them.

Greg Marsh


Greg was the co-founder and CEO of hospitality startup onefinestay, which was acquired by AccorHotels in 2016 in a deal worth more than $250m. Previously, Greg worked on the technology investment team at Index Ventures. In 2017, Greg joined the faculty at Harvard Business School. He is also a visiting professor at Imperial College Business School.  In 2017, he was elected to the International Board of Amnesty International, where he also chairs the Remuneration Committee. Greg has an MA in philosophy from Christ’s College, Cambridge, and attended Harvard Business School on a Fulbright Scholarship. Greg is excited about the huge potential of co-living and believes that Lyvly, with Phil at the helm, will be the company that makes it.

Siraj Khaliq


Siraj was CTO and co-founder of Silicon Valley startup Climate Corporation, a company that pioneered the use of machine learning in helping farmers to optimize crop yield. Climate was acquired for over $1bn in 2013. Siraj was an early engineering hire at Google in 2001, and one of the founding engineers for the Google Book search project. He holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a BA Hons in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, UK. Also a VC investor, Siraj deeply believes that digitalization is reshaping entire industries and, executed well, is capable of bringing efficiency and joy to our lives. He sees Lyvly as a clear embodiment of this notion, and is excited to be part of the journey.